A release of serotonin, some immediate happiness, and a cute face to “boop”. This is why the puppy shoot is one of my most favorite shoots of the year. Watching my models giggle uncontrollably as they let themselves smile until their cheeks hurt and forget about everything else around them puts me in a state that is hard to describe. Their senior year is not ideal but giving anyone moments of PURE, chemical happiness is something to behold.

Life is ROUGH… well, at least right now it is. Today, I had this ambitious goal of delivering over 2,800 photos to my senior ambassadors, blog stomp said photos, and blog them all in time for posts to happen throughout the day today. Well, that did not happen. I was up to 2AM last night finishing the editing that I did not assume would take me so long. Then, my new online album software uploads…S.L.O.W. so it was STILL not done until NOON today. I woke up at 7:30 to continue the work. The amount of times I moved files from my online albums, computer harddrive, to NAS harddrive has me going CROSSEYED.

How in the world did I find myself STRESSED out and almost on the nerve on a panic attack when editing THESE GORGEOUS GIRLS AND THESE ADORABLE PUPPIES!? I had to slow down. I had to slow my brain. I had to actively tell my brain to be quiet while I sat in silence for close to five minutes. (The closest I have ever been to meditating). I was feeling this way because I felt that I was failing in that moment for not having those pictures done like my “plan” was.

What did I realize after that five minutes….? I realized what I was doing. I was working hard to give people LOVE and cuteness and it was no longer going to stress me out. I was going to get the photos out when I was done. I was going to relax and ENJOY what I was doing. The only way I got to enjoy my work on this rainy valentine’s day was to calm myself before a panic attack storm… says something doesn’t it?

I am going to be better at time management so I can avoid putting myself in these situations where I feel like I am failing when I am indeed giving happiness.

I am going to ENJOY these amazing photos.

I hope you enjoy them too.

Balloons by Jeanine with www.visiondesignsbyjeanine.com @vision_designs_by_jeanine

French Bulldog Breeders can be found at @babz_and_company on instagram. They are amazing people and you should follow them if you want to invest in such a cute, fun breed.


February 14, 2021

A little Bit Of Puppy Love