my why

I want to show people that they can take beautiful pictures and make money.  I want to show you how your expectations for yourself can be so much higher than you imagined! 

I am Aimee Sue!

hi there

Education is near & dear to my heart.

here's why

I like to help!  How can I help you?


More brains are better than 1.  You are able to help me through your story & experience, too!


Everyone deserves to feel confident & educated


My Services

Options to learn from me!

My Youtube Channel!


My Photography Classes!

My Editing Courses!

My Posing Courses!

Everything right now is in the works but I cannot wait to create with you. 

This is me. 


$80/hour includes design space, shooting space, adn equipment to stay in studio

Renting equipment outside of studio requires insurance, contract, and $80/hour for rental

Please clean up after yourself and show up a few minutes early to make sure it is setup how you need!

Godox strobes and light wands are available for all renters

Nikon equipment is there so if you use non-nikon, you may need to bring light triggers for that brand

Apple tv and tv available to play music, airplay websites, or complete ordering/inquiry meetings

Rent the Studio