Hello Beautiful people. A meaningful practice is always to work on things that you are not necessarily the best. I try to teach this to my students as well. It is easy to practice what you are good at and it is a challenge to do what does not come easy.

Layflats have always been terrifying for me, for no reason. I feel unprepared and untaught to handle such creativity. I also truly believe I lack creativity, which is not true. A lesson in self confidence can also come with practice.

Acknowledging that I need to become better at something is good for me. Taking the time to get better at it is a different story. I am full of work excuses and I just need to stop those. My wedding photography is picking up and I am just loving all the new business. This is why I practice, to become better and grow in my business!

ALSO, I LOVE AN OPPORTUNITY to work with another vendor. Since my studio is in downtown Clayton (@downtownclaytonnc) , I want to strive to connect to my fellow business owners right here in this small town. So, I went walking down main street and made a few stops!

First, I stopped in on Flowers By the Neuse (@flowersbytheneuse) and asked if I could get some of their pretty blooms. They more than obliged my request. Then, I stopped by (@mainstreetjewelers_claytonnc) Main Street Jewelry for some awesome bling. **Side note: this is where I get my jewelry (wedding rings) and added diamonds every year!** They not only were helping to help me but they were also willing to help style by picking which ring sets!

I almost had everything ready, except the invitation suite. In Garner, there is a young woman who has a LOT of creativity. She takes BASIC invitation suites and turns them into these BEASTS of a memory. She turns an invite into a talking point. If you want to STUN and AMAZE your guests, you need to reach out to this woman! Kasey with Revelry and Heart (@revelryandheart) is not only a #bosslady but an inspiration. Please make sure you follow her and reach out to her for your invitation needs. Wait until you see what she had created.


March 28, 2021

Layflat Practice – A collaboration