How many seniors are interested in a senior session in downtown Raleigh, the Azalea Gardens, and the NC Museum of Art? Kailey from Clayton High School got all three for her senior session. She was an ambassador for me and I coached her back in the day (soccer) so she has a special place in my heart. I could not get over how good her session was.

Sadly, we had to split her session into two because mother nature DOWNPOURED on us, but I’ll tell you want, her second session light was magnificent while at the art museum. I mean, just LOOK AT IT!

First, let’s look at her downtown Raleigh Photos! We started on Fayetteville street and walked around the block. We ended at the parking garage before heading over the WRAL gardens. Enjoy!

Look at all the options just from ONE PLACE! Now, let’s talk about the WRAL azalea gardens before the rain started to threaten our shoot. She did a super cute dress at this location with a minimal pattern color, which was perfect to compliment the blooms around her. Check it out!

Okay, now it is time for the BREAK haha. We drove to the art museum and mother nature shut us down, hard. So, we had to reschedule her last outfit. So, that is what we did! AANNNNNDD look at the light we had?!?! Sometimes the hotter weather can cause pop up storms that try to ruin a good time, but I am here to let you know, I will always reschedule until the weather is exactly what we would both want.
Let me tell you how WORTH IT THIS WAS. Enjoy.

Want a session like Kailey?


August 24, 2023

Senior Session | Kailey Morgan | Clayton High School