Emily came to me from Cleveland HS with three requests for her senior session.

  1. That is highlight her love for gothic architecture
  2. That it is UNIQUE compared to other senior photo sessions in the area
  3. That she feels beautiful and appreciated as an individual throughout her session, unlike her school session.

Let me tell you, the excitement level I had at our consult went through the roof.

THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO! I want to give EVERYONE the opportunity to feel beautiful, accepted, and UNIQUE.

Momma and Emily rented the Chateau Des Fleures wedding venue in Angier, I packed my strobes, and we made some magic happen. I gave Emily some outfit advice before our session as well so that she had the epic look!

But, first, she had to glammed up by the one and only, Jenna Marra with Brushes and brows!

After our session, we talked about how beauty is such a difficult term for young people. The world of social media makes BEAUTY sound like something unattainable. The world of social media makes BEAUTY sound like ONE THING.

Beauty is what makes you, YOU. Please do NOT allow someone else to define your beautiful.

The review that momma left me is something that will stay with me forever.

“We booked Aimee Sue Photography for a unique senior portrait session and I can say with my whole heart that Aimee Sue is the REAL DEAL. She is a true professional from start to finish, she is kind hearted and so incredibly personable. Her hair/makeup artist Jenna was amazing too. Aimee listened to what we wanted and found the perfect venue for the shots we wanted. Aimee Sue honestly felt like an old friend immediately upon meeting her, and her pricing is reasonable for the EXTREMELY high quality service and product she provides. My senior told me she’s never felt so beautiful in her entire life. Aimee we cannot thank you enough ♥️♥️♥️”

Everyone, enjoy the beautiful Emily from Cleveland High School

Do you also want a unique senior experience, go ahead and put in an inquiry, www.aimeesuephotography.com/contact.


October 8, 2023

A Unique Senior Session | Emily | Cleveland HS