A backyard wedding in Clayton, NC.

The best weddings can be found right in your backyard. This Clayton couple decided to surround themselves with family and friends to celebrate their big day on a BEAUTIFUL Friday afternoon.

It started with friends and family helping prep the meals, house, and decor. The little ones played in some bubbles outside and ate apples.

Anna’s sisters got her ready in her parents bedroom. There are several pictures not shown here for privacy reasons, but I know Anna is gonna CRACK up when she sees them. I just love when a family is completely authentic in front of the camera. When her mom and dad came in, they became emotional in seeing Anna in her dress.

Now, it is time for the ceremony. Anna and Edwin were married officially by Anna’s older sister who also was the behind the scenes videographer for their couple photos. The ceremony also included a prayer from Anna’s dad. Following the ceremony, we did family photos. I am not showing all of them here because well, there are SO MANY. I just love how important family is to them. I am sure the memories captured will be adored for an eternity.

Then, it was time for just Anna and Edwin to get pictures together. We went to the housing development main house for some gorgeous birch trees, woods, and flower beds. These two were complete and total naturals and at times, did not even need coached at all. I was in love with their love. Enjoy everyone <3

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April 29, 2022

Backyard Clayton Wedding | Kellam-Paredes