The Aimee Sue Photography Senior Ambassador Program is for rising high school seniors who are enthusiastic, photogenic, business-minded, social media savvy, aspiring models, and/or generally interested in photography. This program works really well for those who are heavily involved in their school, have a large social media base, and love taking photos.  Also, this is an excellent opportunity to receive your dream senior photography experience for absolutely no cost.  That's right,  you heard me -- FREE!

     Free?  How is that possible?!  Well, here's the gist.  Each senior ambassador is expected to pay the full value of their experience.  However, each time that an ambassador refers a friend, classmate, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, weird uncle, etc. that books a session with Aimee Sue Photography, 10% of the total cost is scraped off the top.  This means that if you can simply refer 10 of your friends to book with Aimee Sue Photography, your entire senior ambassador experience is completely free!  

So, what do you get if you become an Aimee Sue Senior Ambassador?

 - First and foremost, a TON of photoshoots.  You will also receive a USB of all these photos at the end of the year. 
For 2022-2023 ambassadors, you'll get:
     - Introduction party and headshot session ($250 value)
     - Two personal "Pro package" shoots ($1,000 value)
     - A shoot at the beach ($350 value)
     - A flower field shoot ($350 value)
     - A "what is beauty" themed shoot ($350 value)
     - A Holiday snow shoot ($350 value)
     - A Festival/Fair shoot ($350 value)
     - A new year themed shoot ($350 value)
     - A Valentine's day puppy shoot ($350 value)
     - A prom mini shoot ($200 value)
     - A graduation mini shoot ($200 value)
     - Professional headshots ($200 value)
     - Four bonus stylized, themed shoots ($1600 value)

- Second, you get a ton of new friendships.  This is a TEAM so we  work together during your senior year to get prepared for college while making new friends! 

Let me go ahead and put that all into perspective.  All of these shoots combine to a total value of $5900 or more, and I'll let you in on a little secret: the cost of the program is only $1,775.  That's some pretty awesome value if you ask me, and don't forget that you can get it all for free!

What's the Catch?!

Honestly, there is no catch here.  The truth is, my business does better when you get your ambassador experience for free because that means I have 10 new clients to serve.  Therefore, I feel fine and dandy offering you this incredible value.  It's a win-win-win-win-win (not sure who the other wins are for, but I'm sure someone is out there winning)

So, is this program right for you?  Well...
 - If you're an aspiring model, you will receive all of your photos with a release to use for your future portfolios! 
 - If you're a social media fanatic, you'll have hundreds of unique photos to display!
 - If you're interested in photography, you'll get to work directly with me.  Maybe I can teach you a few of my tricks!
 - If you're just a social butterfly, you'll get to have a blast with a bunch of your peers experiencing something new!
 - If you want to meet new friends from different schools, this is an awesome opportunity!
 - If you simply want to get a ridiculous value for a professional service that you will cherish for the rest of your life, then this program is          right for you. 

the aimee sue photography Senior ambassador program

Meet your 2021-2022 ambassadors

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the graphics that you see for each of the ambassadors are actually given to them to use throughout the year.  Pretty cool, right?!  You'll get one too if you join.