Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2018

Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween!  I paired up with an AMAZING hair and makeup artist based out of Fayetteville.  Elisha Seaton Makeup (@elishaseatonmakeup) (https://www.elishaseaton.com/) is an amazing artist who allowed me to dress up and play with my senior ambassadors.  She let us into her home and made ALL of them look absolutely SPOOKY.

PS:  If you know me, you know I have a dark and twisty side that I just LOVE any excuse to bring out.

Let me introduce you to my monsters!

First off, there were three Dracula queens who were hand chosen by Dracula himself to live a life of immortality.  They loved each other as sisters and used their keen sense of smell and taste to find prey that would satisfy their whims.  They photographed fine until you would upset one of them… then, you unleashed their fury.

Then, there is the beautiful Frankenstein bride.  She does not like to come out during the day due to the pressures of modern day.  She chooses to live her life in the night.  Her beauty was stitched together in an intricate, learned way.  Thus, she is much more beautiful than her husband.

Halloween is the Mexican Día de Muertos.  The beautiful skeleton spirit gave us a visit on this O Hallows Eve to remind us to pay memories to the dead and to remember them as they shape our future.

Next are the ZOMBIES.  One sweet girl had escaped the massacre but now is out in the wild battling these zombies as they try their hardest to take her down.  She ran and hid to the best of her abilities and used anything at her disposal as a weapon.  The zombies ranged in age as just turned to pure decay.  That did not matter as they continued to move quick with ferocity.

Finally, there are the dolls.  Some say they are beautiful… some say they are creepy.  They move through the day quickly and with grace.  They tend to stay together as a part, they would not make much sense.  They focus on their beauty to bring people close… but their reason for luring has a creepy ending.  Are they luring you with their beauty?

This session ended with the cops kicking us out of our spot but in the end, this shoot was fun AND successful.  I have never seen ideas come together so well… and just WAIT!!!! I have a handful of other shoots up my sleeve.

Thank you to my ambassadors!
Peyton Whitaker – CHHS
Caroline Sanders – CHHS
Caitlyn Bagwell – CHHS
Ashlyn Dew – CHS
Lillie Gaskins – CHS
Zoe Byrd – Princeton
Rachel Dykes – Apex
Emily Wooters – SSS
Kerston McCall – SJHS
Roxana Cruz – Graduate of CHHS
Caris Faucette – EAHS


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